SEO Optimization Tips For Entertainment Bloggers

Entertainment blogging is hard.

Publishing fresh content every hour is a difficult task.

Updating an entertainment blog with fresh content every hour coupled with the task of optimizing each article for SEO purpose sounds almost impossible.

But SEO optimization is needed, no matter what your blogging niche is; it should be your longterm strategy and as such, you should focus on optimizing each of your article for this purpose.

More often than not, most of the SEO guide on the internet is not created specifically for entertainment and lifestyle bloggers. With hundreds of articles being published every day or weekly in some cases, optimizing and doing proper interlinking might be extremely difficult, but there are ways around this, and this is what this article is all about.

Over the years, I have worked with several entertainment blogs in SEO auditing and some of the issues we had to deal with after auditing is the main focus of this post.

#1. Dates In URL.

Maybe it was a cool idea back in the days, as, at 2018, dates in the post URL serves no SEO purpose whatsoever. I frankly don’t know why most CMS (Content Management Software); WordPress, Drupal etc still have it as an option in the permalink settings.

If you’re just starting out, then you should avoid this right from the get-go.

If you’ve been publishing posts with the wrong URL options, then you would have to apply a 301 redirect option to implement a complete overhaul of your URL structure.

What 301 redirect means is that a page has been permanently moved from one URL to the other. You can easily achieve this using various redirect plugins available for free on WordPress plugins website, but the easiest and most effective method is to complete the process using the .htacess file option.

Through this single file option, you can redirect the entire URL with few lines of code as compared to doing it individually through a plugin. This article is detailed enough to guide you on the .htacess process and the entire concept behind 301 redirects.

One more important tip is to remove the category from the URL slug. You can do this by installing the “Remove Category From URL” plugin if you don’t know how to get it done from the core code.

#2. Category/Siloing

Siloing is a very strange SEO concept to many bloggers.

Most entertainment bloggers don’t want to be bothered by the idea of siloing.

If you’re serious about ranking without going above and beyond with sending backlinks to each of the pages you’re trying to rank, then you should give reasonable thought to siloing as you grow your website.

The idea behind siloing can be simply expressed as arranging the contents of your site in a filing cabinet. If you’ve seen one of those old office filing cabinets before, it won’t be difficult for you to get the concept.

Basically, the rule for using a cabinet is to put files that are in the same category in a section of the cabinet, making it easy to access when there is a need for it. Applying this principle to building an entertainment blog structure, you want to start by making a list of all the categories your blog would be covering (or covers). A typical example of categories will be; music, videos, interviews, celebrities etc.

For each of the categories, you want to create a page, not relying on the tag as most bloggers do. Tags are weak and the content of tag pages can change easily when new articles are published. The same can be said of category pages.

The best approach is to create a page for each of the categories; then have your writer put up an introductory content on the page. Something within the range of 300 to 400 words is ideal enough.

Once the page has an introductory content, then you can create a category widget on that page. Depending on your theme/template customization, this should be very easy to carry out.  If properly set up, the widget will show the post with the appropriate category tag on the page.

The benefit here is that you can easily link from within each of the articles in the categories to the main category page. This makes it very easy to pass link juice from one post to another. It is linked forming a cluster within a site.

The rule is simple, you only interlink between posts within the same cluster. This would greatly increase your page relevance.

Whether you’re setting up a new site or your site has been around for a while, this can be easily implemented with few hours of work. It’s better to see it as a visual sitemap of your site. It does not only make navigation easier for your visitors, it makes it very easy to pass link juice between related pages and also makes it easy for the crawler to comb through your site.

This type of page is not limited to categories alone; if you comb through your site and discovered that you have a significant number of post about a particular celebrity, you can create a page for the celebrity. The same rule applies here. The possibilities are endless, using the approach for site structuring.

#3. Internal Linking

The problem of internal linking is not just peculiar to entertainment bloggers alone, it affects bloggers generally.

While most bloggers can take the pain of linking to an old post from new articles, it’s always very difficult to link to new articles from a previously published post. Entertainment bloggers should try as much as possible to link to the new post from previous articles, it will help in getting the newly published article indexed.

The old approach is to get it done manually. But it can be extremely stressful and you can only do a handful of that when you have hundreds of post to attend to. If you can afford to get a premium plugin that gets this done effortlessly, then my recommendation would be the SEO Smart Link Premium plugin. 

The plugin has been designed to do the heavy lifting of linking articles to one another based on your instruction. This way, you don’t have to go back and forth fixing the links in the appropriate article.

The downside of the Plugin, however, is that it is VERY expensive for bloggers that are not making serious income yet. But if you can afford it, you will find it very beneficial for your business.

The next solution will be going the manual route, but working on sending just five (5) links to a new article from old pages. Having a minimum number would make it easy to complete the task without giving up mid-way through.

#4. Technical SEO.

Page speed, navigation as well as overall website layout and mobile rendition are important ranking factors that most entertainment bloggers don’t take cognizance of.

Google algorithm is designed to send feedback when it directs traffic to your page. One of the most significant feedback is the page dwell time; which is also described as the bounce rate. When a visitor leaves your page almost immediately after landing, it’s a “red flag”, theoretically, Google assumes that they’re not getting the information they’re searching for on your page.

In practice, your page might answer the searcher’s query perfectly, but when it takes too long to load, then they bounce off to the original search result and read check other ranking pages.

Most entertainment blogs are guilty of poor page speed, mainly because their heavy media file is located on the server rendering the webpage files. The simple approach to solving this problem is to switch to cloud hosting. We have tried this countless number of times and the result has been excessively favorable than initially imagined.

Using a cloud hosting company makes it very easy for the browser to fetch the files and media files from their nearest server as against the traditional way of reaching out to the file from a server very far away from the user’s location.

One of the cloud hosting company I recommend to entertainment bloggers is CloudWay Hosting. They have packages on Digital Oceans, Amazon Web Service among others, and the starting price is around $10 for the cheapest package.

Aside from the server location, one major issue about technical SEO for entertainment blogger is the mobile compatibility. For over a year now, Google has been gradually rolling out mobile search index, this search index prioritizes searches from a mobile device over a desktop.

In layman’s term, what this means is that pages that are well optimized for mobile views will rank higher than those that are not when a user is making enquires from their mobile device.

Which means, it is possible to rank high for a particular keyword on desktop search and not rank high for the same keyword on mobile search, if your site is not properly optimized for mobile users.

Most entertainment blogs are not well optimized for mobile users, the best of them relies on browser compatibility to achieve render of mobile version to users.

While this might work in some cases; it is better you invest some money in developing a mobile version of your site completely. Since a larger percentage of web traffic originates from mobile users, investing in a fast, good-looking mobile version of your site isn’t a bad call.

#5. Backlinks

It’s very easy for an entertainment blog to get backlinks as compared to other niches.

I have seen a page on an entertainment blog gets thousands of links simply because they published a break news.

This happens quite a lot. As an entertainment blogger, getting external backlink is a function of how fast you are with publishing articles about events and celebrities. You should leverage this when planning your articles.

There are cases when other outlets would copy your article without referencing the original post, you should hunt articles like this and send an email to the webmaster requesting for credit where it is due.

When making a deliberate effort to score backlinks to a particular page, it is important that you get the backlink from a domain with higher authority as compared to yours. When it comes to ranking on Google, it all boils down to the domain authority.

If a domain has more authority, there are tendencies that it will rank higher than a domain with lower authority. This is to underscore the importance of getting backlinks from a domain with higher authority, this will go a long way in building your domain authority as well.

Aside from the domain authority, your anchor text is also an important part of the equation. In most case, a brand anchor is the best way to go, unless of course if you’re targeting a particular keyword.

Very recently, I was working on a client’s site, then realized that he has so many links to a particular category page, but unfortunately, this category page is not optimized for any particular keyword, and as such Google does not know what to rank this page for.

Immediately, I fixed this error, and a week later, the page started ranking for the keyword it was optimized for. Many entertainment bloggers are guilty of this. Avoid this blunder by optimizing a page or category page for a particular keyword before sending links to it.


In this video, I conducted a complete analysis of one of Nigeria’s most visited entertainment site; naijaloaded to see what they’re doing as far as SEO is concerned; this video will go a long way in giving you insight on what the best practices are; as far as SEO is concerned for entertainment blog.


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