How To Find Keywords For Niche Site (Free & Paid Methods)

Finding keywords for niche sites is an art that you learn to perfect as you master SEO.

It is very important that you learn how to find keywords for SEO because your success depends directly on how careful you are with your niche and keyword research.

When it comes to building a successful niche site, the first and perhaps the most important step is selecting a good niche.

Selecting the right niche involves looking in the direction of topics that a not excessively competitive, with the potential of making a reasonable revenue.

Once you’re able to narrow down on the niche, the next thing is selecting the appropriate keyword in that niche. This is 2019, virtually all markets are occupied. With hundreds of thousands of sites coming up every day, you can be rest assured, that someone somewhere is covering the same topic you intend to cover.

What this implies is that it’s a mere game of competition on who does it better. In this post, I will work you through the process I use in finding good keywords for any project I am working on.

There are two major approaches, depending on your budget and how much the project worth to you. You can either use the free method or opt for the paid method. I wouldn’t say a method is better than the other because in the end, I usually use a combination of the two.

Sometimes, tools can be deceptive, so even after conducting analysis with either free or premium tool, I usually go to the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) to see what is going on there myself.

#1: Keyword Research Tips (Manual/Free Method)

Some free keyword research tool (extension) you should install on your browser before we get started:

  • Keyword Everywhere:

This is for finding related keywords when you search for anything online. Basically, it shows you tons of other keywords that people are searching for, most of which are related to the one you just searched for.

This tool is great for expanding on your ideas. As you get to see keywords you’ve never thought about in the suggestion box.

keyword everywhere chrome extension

  • MozBar:

Lately, I noticed Mozbar is trying to introduce a premium plan. I hope the free DA/PA option will stay free. Until then, you can still enjoy the benefit the extension provides.

Mozbar chrome extension is a great tool for seeing how authoritative sites are on search engines. While the data are not a fast rule to the authority of the domain, it gives you an idea of the space you’re researching.

If for instance, you’re researching a particular keyword, and you discovered that a whole lot of domains ranking for that particular keyword has DA (Domain Authority) above 60, then you want to steer clear, because it’s a huge indication of fierce competition, and it might be difficult for a new site to break into the niche.

  • SimilarWeb:

This tool is great in getting an estimated amount of traffic coming to a page. If a particular page is ranking in the niche I am analyzing, I usually use this tool to check the estimated amount of web traffic coming to the page.

If the traffic is massive enough, then I pick interest in the page, I use this in combination with some other paid tool, but it’s a tool I use to quickly decide if I would love to analyze that particular site the more or not.

Because, if it’s not getting a reasonable amount of traffic, then I wouldn’t waste my time analyzing it.


  • SEO Minion:

This extension was made by the same team that runs keyword everywhere. It’s an onpage SEO analytic tool. It allows you to see if a certain page is well optimized for the keyword they’re targeting.

This information is valuable because it gives you an idea as to whether you stand a chance of beating your competitor on SERP or not. More often than not, pages on big sites are not properly optimized for keywords with small search volumes, but they still rank for it, because of their domain authority, and partly because there are no better content on the web about that topic specifically.

When you stumble upon a keyword, and it seems as though the serp is dominated by big brands, it’s advisable that you analyze the pages ranking for that keyword to ensure they’re really ranking for it and not just showing up on SERP because of their domain authority.

The page from which I grabbed the screenshot above is ranking for “How to Make A Vegetable Salad With Mayonnaise” But from all indication, that’s not the keyword the author is targeting.

If you have a well-written article on making a vegetable salad with mayonnaise, then you stand a better chance of ranking even if your DA is very low as compared to the pages that are currently ranking.

Aside from showing you the keyword that the page is optimized for, it also shows you the word count of the page. This is another vital information in making solid plans against your competitors on SERP.

Once you’ve installed all the chrome extension as discussed above, and you’re ready to carry out the keyword research process itself, watch this video for better how to get it done.

VIDEO: Finding Keywords For Niche Sites


#2: Keyword Analysis In SEO Using SEMRUSH

This method relies heavily on a premium tool called SEMRUSH, I use this tool often because of the nature of my business. But the truth is, most people will find it very expensive, especially if you’re just starting out and you are strict on spending.

But every single feature of the tool makes the process of analyzing keywords and selecting the appropriate keyword easy.

When using this tool, my approach is quite different from the manual method. My goal here is to find one of two authority sites in the niche I am targeting, then I would put them in the tool to see the keywords they’re ranking for.

Once I have the list of keywords, I then filter based on certain criteria as discussed in the video below:

Using SEMRUSH For Keywords Research

That’s my major approach to finding the right keywords for niche sites.

What’s your keyword research approach? Is there are more effective way of getting it done? Feel free to share some information in the comment box, or go ahead and ask me for more information (specific) in the comment box.

If you’re considering starting a niche site, then getting my premium course is a good way to start. It contains valuable information on the entire process I use in setting up sites worth thousands of dollars, from scratch to finish.


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