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Case Study: Google Penalty And How We Recovered

I have waited for a little bit over three months to write this article. In one of the recent article published on this blog, I wrote about my experience with an expired domain, and how hopeful I was for the project. Because the site was picking up really fast, and we pumped numerous high-quality articles. If you miss the post, you can read about it here.

This post is more of an update to the progress of that site, how we got penalized by Google and how we recovered from the penalty (still recovering).

Before I progress, let me establish the basis for those that are not familiar with how Google search engine works. Read More


Case Study: Building Niche Site On Expired Domain

I love experimenting when it comes to building niche sites. Sometimes I get my fingers burnt, some other time, I get amazing results.

This article is about one of those amazing results… And I want to share the exact thing I did with you.

Kindly take note, that what you’re about to read is not a typical representation of the outcome of building a niche site on an expired domain. More often than not, the result is not always amazing, or it sometimes takes as much time as building on a new domain for the site to gain traction towards the niche you’re repurposing the domain to. Read More