10 On-Page Optimization Tactics You (Probably) Don’t Know

SEO is all about testing.

It’s about making a conclusion on what works and what doesn’t.

In my experiment as an SEO, I have discovered that a significant change can be effected in ranking when on-page optimization is properly done.

If you get your optimization right, you will spend less on link building, and significantly lower the probability of getting hit during periodical algorithm updates.

The truth, however, is that; most bloggers and marketers are stuck in the early 2000’s idea of page optimization. As a matter of fact, most of the SEO plugins that were popular back then are yet to evolve to suit the current situation of things.

Back in the days (late 1999-2004+) you don’t have to bother about algorithms because they were very primitive. As long as your page has the keyword splashed all over it, you would easily rank for the keyword.

The image below is a typical example of what “page optimization” was back then. Read More