How I Made 36 Million Naira From Amazon Affiliate Marketing Working Just 2 Hours Daily

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Nobody is Ugly, Right?
Na Money be fine BOBO
…As at the time of writing this letter, I am a millionaire.

I have properties that most people in their thirties and forties can only aspire to buy, I got myself a car, and invested in several businesses.

As a matter of fact, I am in the process of incorporating a very big idea that would gain traction across the country.

I’m telling you all of these, not because I like to brag, but because I want you to learn from my story.

Oh! I now wear Rebook, Alexander Wong, Nike, and Ben Sherman shoes — I lost count of the number of my shoes, same as my jeans and shirts. I really wish I could keep a track of them, but I have too many now.

…I graduated from the university with good grades — among the top 10% in my class.

Adidas by Alexander Wang!

I did not get here all by luck.

 I took a lot of deliberate effort to get to this particular stage…

… I invested time and effort into learning, unlearning and relearning until my skills were honed. I became a master of my craft, and I have had no reason to look back.

I have traveled, met people, made life changing friends, and most importantly made my parents proud.

Sorry for my manners!

My name is Adeleke Augustus Oluwatobi, and I make MILLIONS from amazon affiliate marketing.

Over the years, I have made millions of naira (thousands of dollars) from amazon affiliate marketing…

I have sold sites worth millions of naira, and I currently have sites making as much as $4500 every month, passively. In fact the last time I published on some of these sites was probably in January.

Last year earnings from one of my niche sites

…Maybe I was just lucky?

Will it be possible to bring someone from my level of poverty to this status that I am right now?

Is my success story repeatable? Please read on.

Few years after creating a sustainable source of income for myself, I decided to train others and see if they would have the same success like me.

Initially, it was a pure test of ego — I wanted to bring somebody from zero to millions using my amazon affiliate marketing system. That was the basis of my training program.

It wasn’t about my student initially, it was about me giving myself a reassurance that my system is reliable

..It got really interesting, as I ended up training dozens of people, turning their financial life around totally, all through amazon affiliate marketing.


The first screenshot I got from Paul last year

Paul is twenty six years old.

The first time I met Paul was in mid-2016. He has been a blogger for years — made lots of money from AdSense rank and burn sites and then established himself as an authority in the AdSense site business, but things got really weird at some point…

Google changed the rules!

SEO became more complex, AdSense CPC dropped significantly, Paul had to find a new business model. I was promoting my amazon niche site course back then, he got the course and reached out to me for consultation.

Having read about affiliate marketing in the past my guide was all he needed to make the right decision. He signed up immediately for the niche site training course, learned how to make money from building niche site using SEO as a strategy for traffic generation.

…Four months later, Paul made his first $300 from amazon affiliate… He was extremely excited to send the screenshot to me, and I was equally happy to read about his progress.

It has been almost two years now, and Paul recently sold one of his first sites for $16,000 on flippa — A marketplace for buying and selling websites.

He mastered this process right after signing up for my training, and now has a passive source of income.

The last time we spoke, he talked about setting up an office space and hiring interns to work full time on some of his new projects.

Maybe Paul was lucky?

…Maybe it was easier for him because he’s a little bit experienced about internet business.

Meet another student of mine, making a millions with amazon affiliate marketing.


As I write this letter; Sheyi is currently in Kigali, living the life most people dream of…

…few months from now he would leave for Dubai, as it is his custom to travel from one place to another all year round.

If Paul case seems extra ordinary, meet my friend — Sheyi.

Sheyi is a successful travel consultant, and he is well known in his line of work. He runs a full fledge business in the travel and tourism niche, and he’s doing really well for himself.

But Sheyi is an entrepreneur— the type that does not settle for a single source of income.

Few years back, he read my affiliate marketing guide; and he liked the idea of building a site, growing it and making money from it as a passive income.

He was really interested in the idea, and he took actions by reaching out to me for further consultation after going through the training.

He decided he would rather have me do the heavy handling.

Sometimes, we offer a do-it-for-me service for some clients that are not interested in the entire learning process.

Four weeks later, we handed the finished site to Sheyi and showed him what to do on timely basis to ensure the site ranks as expected.

I almost forgot we handled such task for him—Sheyi is not the best when it comes to responding to follow up emails.

Six months later, I got an email with screenshots from his affiliate site earnings and how excited he is to be making $1200 passively from amazon niche site.

While writing this letter, I chatted him up on WhatsApp to confirm how much he’s making from the business now, and he has since grew the business to a $2,000 per month passive income.

That’s some huge amount of money, especially in this country, and he is not slowing down anytime soon.

… You’re probably thinking; Sheyi and Paul don’t look poor from the beginning.

They had a little bit of money to get started, so their story is not exactly like mine.

Hold that thought!


More often than not, most students are confused with what to do with their life.

Among thousands of students, hardly will you find hundred that are intentional about their progress in life.

…I was lucky to be self-driven as a student, and I love helping students with similar traits.

Damilola is my friend, but our relationship began with her being my student. She became my student after enrolling for my Affiliate marketing training in 2017.

She was in a final year then, and rounding up with her project work. She reached out to me after reading my book, and she eventually enrolled for the affiliate marketing training.

Being a student, she was broke, and had no money to put into the business. She had to grind her way through the whole process.

Damilola had just one skill; she’s a good writer. This lady reminds me of myself all the time.

After mastering the training, she was able to set up and rank her site, at first she had some doubts because she has never earned a dime from online business.

But I took it upon myself to guide her through the entire process, because her story is a lot like mine, and I was glad to be able to provide the guidance I wish I had back then

Her site growth was exceptional, because she was working on the site full time; minimum of five (5) hours per day, every day of the week.

It did not take long for her to make her first dollar ($), three months after setting up the site, she made her first $500.

I spoke with her few weeks ago, when she called to make enquires about the process of selling her site. I advised her to wait until after the December buying season before selling off the site.

She told me about the second site she started and some other plans she has alongside niche site business.

…If this letter were to be about success stories alone, it would be in volumes.

In the spirit of humbleness, I have trained over twenty students so far this year.

Usually, I get over twenty (20) mentorship request on a monthly basis, but I have a strict rule of taking on not more than three students in a month.

Some months I don’t take any.

My students are consistently making huge income from amazon affiliate marketing

… The story is not entirely about them…

You’re in the story as well.

As a matter of fact, I want you to be my next poster student— I want to use your name as a subheading in one of my letters soonest.

…And the best way to get started on that is by telling you how EXACTLY I make money from amazon affiliate marketing.

Remember when you wanted to buy you most recent phone? Or TV or your laptop?

And you spent countless number of hours, checking on Google to see the specification, the best type for your budget etc…

There are tendencies that some of the website that you read back then are affiliate site.

An affiliate site will review a particular product, tell you want the specification of the product is, why you should get the product, or why you shouldn’t.

At the end of each review, the webmaster will put a link to the product page on their affiliate store. When you click on this link, you land on the store.

Purchasing this product within a stipulated period of time qualifies the webmaster that redirected you to the page for some commission.

In-between, there are more than a dozen process involved.

In a developed world, people make research for various stuffs, not just phone or TV or laptop.

They research for something as basic as toilet seat, or bathroom mirror, or laptop bag. Just think of any product, there is someone, somewhere in either US, UK or Canada, searching for reviews of such product.

What an amazon affiliate marketer does is to check if the product is listed on amazon, perform a thorough competitor analysis to see if it would be easy to rank a website around the product, then setup a site to answer people’s question about such product.

Amazon gives you commission for whatever your referrer buys. The commission comes to you. 

…What Has All Of That Got To Do With You?...

Over the years, I have had to develop a very comprehensive curriculum to train people on how to make money from amazon affiliate marketing.

…training student requires constant explanation, and people usually learn at different pace. I have since developed a module that will bring you from novice (zero) to guru (millions).

Detailed enough to turn a newbie to a guru when the instructions are followed religiously.

The module encompasses all that is needed to succeed with Amazon Affiliate as a matter of fact, some of my students call it the millionaire secret bible.

It is the ONLY guide you need to succeed in this venture. I say this confidently because I have tested it countless number of times with students from varying background, and it has not for once fail to guide them to success.

To give you an idea of what the training covers, it is subdivided into three main diet:

The Basic Diet

This diet is designed to introduce you into the online business, affiliate marketing and building websites with WordPress.

It is the first part that you need to master if you’re completely new to the money making aspect of the internet.

It introduces you to the web space literally. Because the training is designed with people with ZERO experience in the web space.

It is so important that I give this aspect of the training out for FREE!

The content of the basic diet includes:

  • Selecting Domain Name For Your Site
  • Hosting Your Website
  • Introduction to WordPress
  • How to Build Affiliate Website Using WordPress
  • Theme Installation, Plug-In Installation, and Basic Settings On WordPress
  • Overall Niche Site Layout Guide; Category and Page Creation.
  • Introduction To Affiliate Marketing

Because this part is fundamental to your Success as an affiliate marketer, I will teach you everything all for FREE!

The good part is that; you can always use the knowledge you would gain from this diet in any of your other online venture; be it blogging or freelancing. It’s a fundamental skill needed to make money online.

…And I am teaching you all for FREE!…

Step by step guide on how to build a website using WordPress all for FREE.

Sapphire Diet

The content of this diet is important to your success as an amazon affiliate marketer, just as bible is important to Christians. Throughout your journey as a niche site builder and affiliate Marketer, you will find yourself coming back to the content of this module, until you master the skill overtime.

The content of the sapphire diet includes:

  • Selecting Your Niche
  • Confirming Viability and Profitability of Your Niche
  • Conducting Keyword Research
  • Conducting Competitor Analysis
  • Structuring your website Silo from Keywords
  • Setting Up Amazon Affiliate Account
  • Writing Product Review Articles
  • Linking products to your review articles
  • Writing Informational Articles
  • Outsourcing Writing Task on Fiverr, Upwork or Nairaland

This diet can be likened to building the foundation of your niche site.

Once you get it right, you’re 80% closer to creative a passive source of income for yourself.

Because of the importance of this module, I have invested a whole lot of time in creating the content in such a way that you will not be overwhelmed or intimidated by the content.

Each of the topic discussed is analysed in such a great detail that makes it extremely easy for you to understand and apply easily.

Gold Diet

This is the icing on the cake. SEO is still an important part of affiliate marketing, and it is my main strategy for making MILLIONS from the internet. The diet is dedicated to both On Page and Off Page SEO.

It’s an advanced section of the niche site training, and you would often come back to the content time after time to gain more insight on how to rank your niche site.

Some of the content covered in GOLD diet include:

  • Optimizing Articles with primary keywords and headings
  • Optimizing product review articles using LSI
  • Optimizing Article URL
  • Interlinking Articles and Selecting Anchor Text
  • Intentional Planning For Link Juice Flow
  • Competitor Analysis for Backlink
  • White Hat or Grey Hat Debate
  • Sure-fire Guide to Guest Posting
  • PBN Setup Guide
  • Where to buy PBN Domain
  • Hosting PBN Without Footprint
  • Where to Buy PBN Links
  • Social Signals for Ranking
  • My tool Box
  • BONUS:

My success in affiliate marketing can be greatly attributed to my SEO skills, as a matter of fact, it is my main strategy to making money in this business.

I have packaged all my secret weapon into the Gold diet, all just for you.

Because I am interested in your success as an affiliate marketer, I have gone far and beyond to ensure that the content of the module is detailed enough to be applied to any other site you choose to run; be it niche site, or an authority site.





Many People Will DIE Poor! Don’t Be Among Them

And this is exactly why I am telling you about this amazing opportunity. 

Don’t be that guy that never took action.

Few years from now, as a matter of fact, few months from now, it won’t be as easy as it is right now.

This is a complete practical step by step guide to building an online passive income from scratch.

How Much Is This Package?

The entire diet of this training is currently valued at $800 in the international market place.

But guess what?! This page has been localized to Nigerians.

You Would Only Have To Pay Just #17,500

My international students will be extremely pissed if they should stumble upon this page.

Financial Freedom ALMOST for Free

Think right now! Think!

How many days will it take you to spend #17,500? A week maybe? Ok, let’s say you’re really prudent; a month?

Would you rather secure a future of financial freedom and sufficiency with #17,500 than spend it on stuffs that would be gone in a matter of days or week?

When I was struggling to learn affiliate marketing, all the courses I saw online were really expensive.

This is why I am very generous with the pricing of this training. 


The generosity won’t last for long! I will double the price of the training after the twenty students.

Registered Students

This course will be closed once I have 20 registered students.

How To Pay: Payment Option

STEP 1 – Make a bank deposit/online or mobile transfer of #17,500 into any of the account below

Bank: GTBank
Account Name: Adeleke Augustus O
Account Number: 0114519200

Bank: Access
Account Name: Adeleke Augustus O
Account Number: 0736596152

Bank: First Bank
Account Name: Adeleke Augustus O
Account Number: 3105494033

NOTE: Remember to copy this account details before you leave this page. 

STEP 2 – After payments, send an email payment notice to, the BODY of the email should contain your NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, TELLER NUMBER, DATE PAID & PHONE NUMBER)

(Once I confirm your payment details, I will forward the complete package to your email. Plus all the additional offers stated above)

Cheers To Your Success!

Adeleke Augustus

Niche Site Expert.

+2348031911348 (WhatsApp Only)

*DISCLAIMER: The earnings stated above are my personal figures. Please understand my results are not typical, I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). I have the benefit of doing affiliate marketing for over 3 years, and have wealth of experience. The average person who follows any “how to” information gets little to no results. I’m using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you’re not willing to accept that, this is not for you.