How To Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria 2019

Making money through Amazon affiliate marketing in Nigeria in 2019 is not as difficult as it sounds, especially when you have the right information at your disposal.

There are several ways to make money online through affiliate marketing, the most popular of which is Amazon associate, Clickbank and Commission Junction. I will cover the basics of what it takes to make money by recommending and promoting other people’s product, while you earn a sales commission along the line.

Beyond that, I will show you the step by step process involved in setting up a profitable Amazon affiliate niche site that will make you thousands of dollars on a monthly basis.

Explaining Amazon Affiliate Marketing:

The idea of Amazon affiliate marketing is very simple.

You’re basically recommending a product to some people, and whey they buy this product or service, you earn a commission from the owner of the product.

What this means in simple term is that you must first understand the perspective of the buyer, and also understand how the product works, so that you can tell people about the products and its benefits in such a way that they would want to buy the product.

This business model is also very similar to running an offline business. In that; you have three major goals:

  1. Getting a targeted audience that would be interested in a particular product
  2. Having a better understanding of the product you’re recommending
  3. Persuading them to buy the product you’re recommending.

Those are the three steps involved in setting up a profitable affiliate marketing business. And once you understand these steps to the fullest, you’re bound to make money from affiliate marketing within a reasonable period of time.

I will go over the three goals, and also explain how it can impact your direction as an affiliate marketer.

Getting your targeted audience is the most important step in making money from Amazon affiliate marketing.

There are various names for this process, from market research to niche research and keyword research. They all basically mean the same thing. The central idea is to conduct proper research to know what people are interested in buying.

Aside from knowing what they’re interested in, you also want to know where most of your audiences are located, and how you can better reach them.

Since the focus of this article is on Amazon affiliate marketing. It’s important to explain how the amazon associate system works. There is a commission system for every sales referral made by the associate (you in this case). Depending on the category in which the product you recommend belongs, you can earn between 1.5% to 10% commission on each sale made.

The best thing about Amazon as compared to other affiliate market system is that, Amazon will pay you for any product purchased by your referrals, in other words, you don’t just get paid for the product recommended; you get paid for any product the referral buys within the period of 24 hours after landing on your site from Amazon.

This is arguably the coolest thing about Amazon affiliate marketing. Because it makes the process very easy for newbies.

How To Select A Niche For Amazon Affiliate Niche Site

For the purpose of this article, I will be using Amazon affiliate marketing as a case study, because it’s what I do currently. Although the method applies to all other types of marketing, from Clickbank to Commission junction, and any other type of marketing system you can think of.

The idea is the same thing across the board.

If you get your niche right, you’re a HUGE step close to making money online from affiliate marketing. And this is exactly what I am about to show you.

The first step is to head over to Amazon. Follow this instruction as discussed in this video.

Once you’ve been able to select your niche, and the niche passed all the criteria, the second step is going after some keywords that would help bring potential buyers to your site.

While there are various methods of selecting keywords for the targeted market, my favorite approach at this point in time is what is popularly known as Keyword Goldern Ratio.

The idea behind keyword golden ratio is very simple. It’s basically finding a gap in the niche and producing the content that will fill the gap.

Let me explain that in simpler terms:

When somebody searches for a particular phrase on Google. What happens most of the time is that Google will check the list of indexed site in its network and present the most accurate result to the searcher.

All of these usually happen in milliseconds. Now, when somebody searches for a phrase that Google can’t find the exact answer to, what they do is to present pages with contents that are very similar in context (meaning) to what the searcher is looking for.

The idea behind KGR (Keyword Golden Ratio) is that we are carefully searching for some small unpopular keywords that Google have little or no content about. So that when people search for this phrase, Google will automatically have to show our site to searcher because they have no other content on the topic.

That’s the basic idea.

If the idea sounds complicated to you, then go ahead and watch this video for a better explanation of how KGR works, and how you can easily implement the process in coming up with keywords for your affiliate site.

This method works best for Amazon affiliate niche site.


Although the method can be applied to other types of keyword research for affiliate site as well, we’ve had more success using the method for Amazon affiliate niche site as compared to other affiliate marketing methods.

Setting Up Site For Amazon Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria

In the past, it was popular to just create an e-commerce site by using some software to extract products from Amazon and share it with your reader. Things used to be easier because you don’t have to create any content on your site.

Once you can extract the product details from Amazon using some plugin or software, you’re good to go.

But a lot has changed over the past five years, and the system of making money from Amazon affiliate marketing has changed a great deal. Now, you’re better off creating a standard website (or blog) as you may otherwise call it, load it up with articles written around the keywords we researched in the previous section of this article, optimize them using appropriate SEO techniques that will be discussed later in the article, and then give it time to rank and make money from the website.

That’s the summary of the processes involved.

The easiest way to get started with the site setup process is by using WordPress. You don’t need to be a web designer or developer before you can set up your site using WordPress. The process is very simple and straightforward even for a novice without the knowledge of web design.

The first step is getting a hosting and domain account. You can sign up for a quality and affordable hosting account on Hostinger (This is my recommended hosting company, based on my experience)

Once you’re able to buy your hosting and domain name, then you can proceed to install WordPress and Installing the right plugins as instructed in the video below:


One important note to consider before buying your hosting is the domain name. More often than not, people get confused about the idea of selecting the appropriate domain name for their affiliate site.

The rule is very simple. Make sure that you get a top level domain. .com is always the best option in this case. Also, use a brandable name. This means it’s better to go for something that gives room for future expansion, rather than using a domain name that will eventually limit your future growth.

In other words, a domain name like besttableforkids.com is a bad idea. Whereas, FurnitureGuy.com is a good idea because it gives room for expansion beyond table in the future, even if you’re starting out with the table review niche.

Signing Up For Amazon Affiliate Associate Account In Nigeria

Very recently, Amazon introduced the Amazon affiliate account phone verification system, this made it a bit difficult to verify your Amazon affiliate account in Nigeria since the platform does not accept Nigeria phone number.

But there is a way around it, and this is exactly what the section of the article is all about. I would show you how to signing up for Amazon affiliate account in Nigeria. All you need is a US phone number.

While there are numerous free ways to get a US phone number in Nigeria, it is best to sign up for a paid US phone number because they are much more reliable. As at the time of writing this article, it will cost less than #1,000 to get a US phone number using the TalkU mobile app.

I explained the process of signing up and verifying your account using this app in the video below.

Watch to get the details of the entire process involved in setting up your Amazon affiliate account in Nigeria, using a US phone number.

Once you’re able to sign up and verify your Amazon affiliate account, you should also remember to fill out the tax exemption form on Amazon so as to avoid paying 30% tax to the US government when you start earning.

Publishing Articles For Amazon Affiliate Niche Site

Conducting niche research is one thing, keyword research is another thing. Once you have all of that in place, the next thing to focus on is about writing quality articles for your Amazon affiliate niche site.

Most of the time, it is good to write the first batch of your articles yourself. Because researching and writing this article will give you an insight into the nature of your niche, and will also get you informed about the topics in the niche.

There are mainly two types of articles when it comes to Amazon affiliate niche site. The informational article and the review articles. The goal of the articles is very different. The informational article is written to provide topical relevance and also support the content of the site on the topic of discussion. The review article, on the other hand, is created mainly to direct the traffic coming to the page to Amazon, with the main goal of earning a commission from the traffic.

In some cases, you can have an individual product review or a group product review. An example of individual product review will be writing about a single particular product, while a group product review will be an article that reviews at least five products. An example is Best X for Y type of article.

While informational articles are very straightforward to write since the purpose is to inform the reader, review articles, on the other hand, are not as easy. When writing a review article, you have to write from the perspective of a buyer that is looking for a product that would solve their problem. Once you have this mindset about writing review article, the process becomes easier.

Since you will most probably not be buying the product, you can only rely on existing content on the internet to write something of good quality for the readers. As a rule of thumb, I only feature products with a minimum of 4 star rating and 10 reviews on Amazon. Anything less than that will not provide adequate information for the purpose of writing a comprehensive review.

What you want to do is visit the product page and go through the reviews one after the other to see what people like or dislike about the product. From the information on the product page, you can then use it to write a quality article for your own site.


As a rule of thumb, I usually advise students to launch their site with a minimum of 10 review articles, and two or more informational article. This is not a rule of thumb, but rather a general idea of making sure that visitors are not bored with scanty content when they land on your new website.

That’s the comprehensive guide on setting up a niche site to make money from Amazon affiliate marketing in Nigeria. In some other article on the site, I will write about SEO for Amazon affiliate niche site, and how to easily promote your site after setting it up to earn a reasonable income from your effort.

I teach Amazon Niche Site Business In a more comprehensive course, you can check out the course page here.

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